Torre de Palma, Wine Hotel, Alentejo

In the landscape of the great lowlands of the Alentejo region, lost in time near the village of Vaiamonte,the Torre de Palma wine hotel , a former manor house dating from 1338 is a new small idyllic portuguese hotel.

torre-depalma-wine-hotel-alentejo-roomreporter-0There once was a tower here that reached up to the sky and gave this place its name. The views from its ramparts could not be more stunning. At dusk the sun slowly sets and lights up the sky, painting it pink and orange, leaving us with the peace that is typical of the Alentejo landscape.

torre-depalma-wine-hotel-alentejo-roomreporter-0-bThe renovation work included both the repair and remodeling of the old farm buildings and the construction from scratch of a new set of buildings, based on precise gestures, respecting the lands’ exceptional features.

torre-depalma-wine-hotel-alentejo-roomreporter-3The new constructions had two different natures: entirely new buildings that were placed outside of the original built aggregate and new buildings that replaced old constructions – degraded and with no historic or architectonic interest – with a new common material identity: concrete structure, masonry walls and concrete slabs roofs.

torre-depalma-wine-hotel-alentejo-roomreporter-7Outside, five different areas were created: a vineyard close to the ancient “levada” (a traditional irrigation channel); an olive grove close to the new swimming pool; a kitchen garden with large garden beds for organic vegetables and herbs; an orchard area close to the farm warehouses and a meadow area close to the stables and the horse riding arena.

torre-depalma-wine-hotel-alentejo-roomreporter-4Torre de Palma, Wine Hotel is inspired by the lifestyle of the distinguished Basilii family – the ancient inhabitants of the Roman ruins at nearby Torre de Palma – and by Alentejo traditions

torre-depalma-wine-hotel-alentejo-roomreporter-6The Basilli restaurant, named in reference to the wealthy roman family who once lived here, offers flavors of the Alentejo with a flavor of sophistication.

Herdade de Torre de Palma
7450-250 Monforte

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