La Réserve, luxury in heaven and Paris.

Located on avenue Gabriel, facing the Grand Palais across the wooded Jardin des Champs-Elysées, the hotel opened at the start of this month and occupies a real palace, built in 1854 by Napoleon III’s half-brother, the Duc de Morny. That said, although the designer Jacques Garcia’s fabulously opulent interiors may look authentically antique, only the carved marble chimney pieces are original. The gilded rococo reliefs, the Versaillais parquet, the Cordovan leather panelling and the 6,000m of silk damask, taffeta and velvet that line the walls, frame the windows and upholster the chairs are all newly installed. That everything looks as though it has been here for ever is a tribute to the skill of 120 craftsmen, some of them from the Louvre, who worked on the project.


Representing the ultimate privilege, the green surroundings of the hotel in the very heart of Paris are the stuff of dreams!

With its plantations of orange trees in pots and Versailles style planters, the landscaped entrance designed by Pierre-Alexandre Risser’s company, Horticulture et Jardins, pays tribute to the Sun King’s Orangerie.

la-reserve-luxury-hotel-paris-room-reporter-fire la-reserve-luxury-hotel-paris-room-reporter-suite

The lobby, the interior courtyard and the terrace on the first floor are also well-endowed with plants, featuring shrubs and plantations that change according to the season.


The immediate vicinity of the hotel offers many green areas suitable for a quick stroll as soon as the sun comes out: the Elysée gardens just on the other side of Avenue Marigny, the majestic trees on Avenue des Champs-Elysées, on both sides of the Théâtre Marigny and the Grand-Palais…

la-reserve-luxury-hotel-paris-room-reporter-bathroom la-reserve-luxury-hotel-paris-room-reporter-luxury-bathroom

Restaurant le Gabriel

In a capital as stimulating as Paris when it comes to gastronomy, La Réserve Paris – Hotel and Spa rises ably to the challenge with its restaurant, Le Gabriel, offering contemporary French cuisine inspired by the seasons.


Enhanced but never disguised, products are left to be discovered and rediscovered in all their natural glory. This philosophy of quality can be seen in every offering. But respect for what is natural in no way excludes a certain gustatory fantasy, which here and there borrows culinary inspiration from all over the world, providing a surprise for tastebuds with an inspired reinterpretation of the great classics. This is not about a delirious avant-garde frenzy, but instead just enough creativity to give each dish the excitement of “a first time”.


Jérôme Banctel, a passionate chef dedicated to flavours.

A native of Brittany who trained alongside the greatest chefs in the business, notably including Alain Senderens at Lucas Carton, he has also worked in the kitchens of the finest culinary establishments in France and elsewhere, such as Le Crillon and L’Ambroisie. His travels in Japan have also had a strong influence on him. Wherever he has been, Jérôme Banctel has perfected his mastery of traditional French cuisine with a winning blend of passion and discipline. Unfailingly rigorous with regard to products, painstaking when it comes to cooking times, he strives for authentic flavor above all.