Hotel Covell, Hollywood Boulevard, Los Feliz L.A.

The recently opened tiny 5 room boutique hotel located on the east side of Los Angeles in the hipster area of Silverlake called Hotel Covell is located directly above Lancaster’s Bar Covell on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Feliz, LA.


Think of it as a descendant of the Chateau Marmont, born with an old soul.


Storytelling is built into this compact hotel project’s conceptual DNA. Early on in the planning process, interior designer Sally Breer of the firm Co-Mingle and the Shopclass decor store in Highland Park, created a life story for the fictional character of George Covell, a bon vivant writer whose imagined biography is the basis of the decorating schemes in each room.hotel-covell-los-feliz-holluwood-boulevard-roomreporter-white-room

Breer selected a mix of vintage and new items that merge past and contemporary sensibilities. While graphically bold Kismet tile patterns and Brendan Ravenhill lighting fixtures appeal to current tastes, Breer opted for other details that evoke an earlier time.


Salvaged door hardware appears throughout, and wood door and window trim matches the existing materials on the 1922 structure at 4628 Hollywood Boulevard.


On the other hand, all of the double-hung and hinged casement windows are new to maximize energy efficiency, bedding is from Parachute and other decor details include throw pillows from local jewelry designer Maya Brenner’s new line of home goods.


The tale begins in Oklahoma (Lancaster is from Deer Creek, and Covell is the name of a street in the town) and follows Covell’s path to New York, Paris and beyond. Room 1 (Chapter 1) has a pared-down, Edward Hopper-esque bachelor apartment feel.


« Each chapter is a whole sensory environment. It’s all designed to be cohesive, even if you don’t know the story. «  Sally Breer. interior designer

As such, this new retreat is quickly become a favorite of those working in the music, film and television industry while in Los Angeles.


The rooms are an eclectic mix with bold accent walls or striking floors.  Smart design to customize each of these unique rooms.


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