Copperhill Mountain Lodge, in Are Sweden

Holidays in the snow will not be the same. When design and ski slopes are matching, the result is stunning.

Swedish architectural firm AIX Arkitekter has designed the Copperhill Mountain Lodge in Are, Sweden. Completed in 2008, this 183,000 square foot, contemporary alpine hotel includes some unique design details such as a one-story fire place, and a three-story high copper wall. The intimate restaurant’s name Vaajese comes from the South Sami word for legend and is located in the hotel’s library. The restaurant seats only fifteen guests. The bigger restaurant called Niesti serves delicacies from the waters, forest and fields around Are.

Inspired by local heritage, Level , the Copperhill spa and health club has hot springs outdoors and indoors, 2 saunas, a spa pool and 9 treatment rooms.  Level Spa is a prize winning spa, very peaceful and ideally set for contemplation.

What AIX Arkitekter says about Copperhill Mountain Lodge: “The American architect Peter Bohlin’s interpretation of the site and his design of a hallmark made up the basis for our work on the master plan, building permit and the construction documents. The result was 17,000 sq.m of hotel rooms, restaurants, conference rooms, bars, spa, heliport and a garage on top of Förberget. Solid base, walls and a three-storey high fireplace made of Offerdal-slate together with an untreated glulam frame, wall panels in Oregon pine and a one-storey high copper wall, which is the main partition in the lounge, has given the hotel its character. The building has been formally opened and is now in use. We can see that the collaboration with Peter Bohlin, interior designers at Koncept Stockholm, Nyréns Landskap and technical consultants at Bjerking have given a splendid end-result due to a clear focus on one main idea.”

© Photos: Jonas Kullman, Nic Lehoux Aix Arkiteketr Copperhill Mountain Lodge website